Why reEmploy?

As an employer you are aware of the time and resources it takes to locate, obtain and cultivate the right talent for your organization. Losing top performers to retirement can often have a direct impact on your ability to conduct business as effectively as possible. With fewer qualified candidates entering the workforce and the looming exodus of the "boomer" generation, establishing a contingent workforce while utilizing your current top talent is critical.

That's where reEmploy comes in.

As a leader in developing and implementing Phased Retirement strategies for companies, including those with a Defined Benefit Pension Plan, we will work with you to:

  • Identify critical areas where implementing a Phased Retirement solution will enhance your ability to conduct business without costly interruptions.

  • Navigate the legalities of leveraging your retirees as a contingent workforce.

  • Eliminate your company's exposure to Workers Compensation and Unemployment claims.

Contact reEmploy for additional information on how to establish your own retirees as your most cost effective contingent workforce and learn why reEmploy is more than just our name, its our philosophy.